Sharon P. Of The Plano House: A Reason To Be Grateful

Sharon P. Of The Plano House
Sober since December 1, 2017

“I am grateful for  the Intensive Outpatient Program at Simply Grace; it has been amazing. I have learned to listen and give feedback, but most importantly it has given me a place to feel safe and comfortable to share my life with other women.”

Using meth, opiates and alcohol was a way to cope for Sharon, busy mother of four. She found herself devoting nearly every single moment taking care of her bustling family of six and the responsibility to help with the care of her mother and grandmother who both had been diagnosed with cancer.

The perfect storm was brewing with the death of her mom in November of 2001 and the news that her 13-year-old daughter was pregnant, which rocked her world. Sharon was using meth in order to make it through one hectic day after the next. She knew that drugs and alcohol had taken over her life in 2010 as her 19-year marriage came to a  bitter end; she found herself using daily. The next year tragedy struck again when her then 13 year-old son was killed in a car wreck.

“I used and used until it no longer gave me what I needed to survive,”  says Sharon. “ My family, including my children, would have nothing to do with me and I wasn’t welcomed anywhere near my grandchildren. I lost everything. I was hiding from the police. I had been sent to a mental institution, was homeless and had no job.”

“I was tired,” She remembers. 

Sharon went into treatment where she met Heather Nolan, one of the therapists at Simply Grace, who helped her get dialed into the program at the Colmar House in Plano. She remembers being scared, alone, sad and empty until she arrived to the house.

“From the moment I walked in the door I felt safe, loved, trusted, needed, wanted, and at home. Working the 12-steps stands out the most for me,” says Sharon. “I knew nothing about the program until I got to Simply Grace where we had to go to daily meetings; it absolutely saved me from relapse.”

Sharon participates in our Intensive Outpatient Program where she has learned to trust women who struggle with the same types of problems. Sharon credits Heather to be her “saving grace” who freely offers wisdom and hope. Sharon is currently the manager at our Plano House and is finding a great connection with her husband in a whole new way now that she is sober. Sharon just picked up her one year chip while through working her 12-Step program.


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