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Simply Grace is a non-profit organization established in September of 2011 by Anika Cooper to address the complexities of addiction and its impact to our community.  Addiction has been recognized as a progressive, chronic disease by the American Medical Association since 1965. Due to the fact that the disease of addiction affects a persons’ higher learning center, one’s judgment, thinking, and ability to reason, the addicted person’s behavior becomes affected.  Thus, many confuse addiction to be a morality issue when in fact it is a serious medical issue which should be treated as such.   Simply Grace is designed to assist those suffering from the disease of addiction to recover not only from the medical aspects of the disease but change the thinking errors, spiritual maladies, and negative behaviors the disease may have created in a person’s life (and their loved ones).  Our Board of Directors is a diverse group of professionals with experience in business, social services and persons’ successful in recovery from addiction.  It is the goal of Simply Grace to impact the problems associated with substance abuse and addiction in Texas, specifically Dallas and surrounding areas.  Substance abuse has affected all socio-economic levels, races, ages, religions, and sexes.  According to a recent study by the Texas Department of State Health Services, substance abuse cost the Texas economy more than 33.4 billion dollars in 2007.  Substance Abuse also costs our community in indirect cost such as low productivity, crime, pre-mature death, welfare, vehicle crashes, property damages, and other health care costs such as HIV/AIDS infections and accidents.   Persons who suffer from the disease of addiction are trapped in a cycle which like all diseases, is progressive.  If the cycle of addiction is not arrested and given proper treatment and intervention, the progressive effects of addiction will generally lead persons to become imprisoned, institutionalized or to their death.   Simply Grace intends to disrupt this cycle by offering a solution that has been proven to work for many who attempt to recover.  Sober support housing is an approach to recovery that allows clients an opportunity to remain in an environment of support with a family atmosphere while learning to cope with the day to day issues of life.  Our approach to treating the addict will increase one’s chance of remaining abstinent from substances by 70%.  Current statistics state that persons leaving a traditional 30 day treatment program have a 10% chance at remaining abstinent.  Those who participate in a continued treatment program, monitoring, support, sober living etc., for up one year will increase their chances at remaining abstinent up to 80%!  Simply Grace intends to offer the 70% solution for those who have completed treatment or whom are in need of a structured, monitored program to continue a new life style and strengthen the habits of successful and productive living.  Simply Grace will collaborate with treatment centers and other professionals to ensure proper education support, and care coordination will be obtained for staff and clients alike.