Carol has worked in the addiction and co-addiction recovery field for 39 years. Diamond joined her as a Therapy Dog in her private practice, A Better Way Counseling Services, in 2010.  With an MA in Substance Abuse Counseling and 42 years in her own active recovery, Carol brings a passionate belief that recovery works!  Helping to replace trauma at a deep level with experiences that are safe and accompanying, and guiding further growth at whatever level needed, is something that both Carol and Diamond are in a unique position to do. The energy that Diamond brings, her intuitive way of forming relationships with each person she meets, is wonderful in helping to achieve these goals.  Carol and Diamond both enjoy bringing fun, information, and replacements for those “old ideas”  that the Big Book talks about, to Simply Grace on Monday nights.  Diamond is particularly proud of her new job title, given to her by Simply Grace, “life skills leader.”